Sandi’s choreographic practice has been deeply rooted in improvisation, particularly as a process that holds both the experience of the individual and the collective simultaneously. Sandi facilitates experiences where those participating, performing and/or present are critical to the work being developed. She guides, facilitates and plans the process based on what has come before – developing the creative concept from the ensemble’s offers, responses and insights over time. The process of which cultivates a space for emergent relationships and creative concepts to grow from the group’s connections and time together.

Listening Softly – IndepenDANCE Project 2020
Presented by Phluxus2 Dance Collective. Photo credit Fen Lan Photography

Sandi has most recently taken her improvised studio practice into a performance context with support of Phluxus2 Dance Collective’s IndepenDANCE Project (2018 and 2020), which provided an opportunity for Sandi to devise work-in-progress (or practice-in-progress) short pieces with professional and emerging dance artists.


Ways of Being – IndepenDANCE Project 2018
Presented by Phluxus2 Dance Collective. Photo credit Fen Lan Photography

Sandi has a diverse range of experiences working as a Choreographer, which has ranged from the following:

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Private Dance School Concerts and Eisteddfords
  • Community groups
  • AFL Entertainment
  • Rubgy Super 12’s Entertainment
  • NBL Basketball
  • Community Arts Festivals
  • Musical Theatre productions
  • Commercial and nightclub performances
  • Youth Dance Companies
  • Music Videos

Some memorable highlights include CelebrateWA’s Australia Day Concert, Perth Fringe Festival, Popstars, a Jebediah film clip, the Mandurah Stretch Festival and the opening ceremony of the Fremantle Dockers inaugural game at the Subiaco Oval.

In 2012, Sandi choreographed for Theatre Kimberley’s production of Staircase to the Moon, where she was Co-Choreographer with Claudia Alessi. Based on the children’s book of the same name, the production was written, produced, performed and seen by the local Broome community.

In 2013, she choreographed and directed her first full length work titled – Because of You…, which was recently remounted with families from Denmark (WA) during the 2020 Covid lockdown and presented as a live-streamed performance. 


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