Gallery Moves

An intergenerational exploration of how our personal belongings can tell a thousand tales.

Gallery Moves was a visual and movement installation project presented as part of the Shinju Matsuri 2012. The process started back in 2010, when Nicole Gallus and Sandi Woo spent some time in the studio with Claudia Alessi – initially working towards two solos. Conversations soon turned to serious discussions about making our solos into a larger community work.

Every performer and participant was asked to undertake the same introduction task:

  1. Collect six objects from your home (taking no longer than 10 minutes to do so)
  2. Place the objects into a sculpture
  3. Give the sculpture a title
  4. Tell us about the sculpture using words and/or movement

Each story is unique, every offering heartfelt.

The resulting performance was a moving promendade style experience, where three generations of performers were ‘installed’ into different gallery and public spaces in Broome. The performance took audience members on a tour of Chinatown to each venue, where each group of participants performed for 15 minutes at a time.

The three generations were – young (16 – 17 years of age), adult (20 – 40 years) and older (60+)

Concept: Claudia Alessi, Nicole Gallus and Sandi Woo

Choreographic facilitators: Claudia Alessi, Sete Tele

Co-Choreographers: Nicole Gallus, Sandi Woo

Visual Art Consultant: Jacky Cheng

Production and Installation: Andrew Chambers

Poster Design: Eddie Tran

Creative Producer: Sandi Woo

Performers: Taja Durham, Kaytee King, Ashleigh Poulter, Mia Powell, Sara Garrido Diaz, Rhiannon Ieraci, Dale Kelly, Karli Linaker, Susan Rush, Kathryn Santospirito, Hilary Smale, John Bucknall, Alan Bin Salleh, Dorothy Cox, Maisie Harrison, Fred Harrison, Coral Ingleton, Cec Ingleton, Sally Lannigan, Willy Pindan, Nicole Gallus, Sandi Woo

Venues: DACOU Gallery, Gecko Gallery, Johnny Chi Lane, Broome Chinese Community Hall

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