Because of You…

Because of You..  exploring family life through dance and play to represent ‘a day in the life’ of children and their parents.  In this unique community project, choreographer and director Sandi Woo takes domestic reality and turns it into ground-breaking dance performance. Working collaboratively with 12 child-and-parent pairs from the Broome community and other local artists, Woo has created an opportunity for the audience to experience the intimacy and fun of the parent/child bond.

Woo describes the process:

Family-life is a fine balance between cuddles and negotiation, chaos and calm. I have wanted to explore these domestic dynamics artistically because I find that when we dance and play we can transform how we see the everyday. So, I invited Mums and Dads to partner with their children in a series of workshops. The children are aged 4 – 9 yrs. Together, we have explored the range of emotions and energies that exist inside each parent-child relationship – a relationship between two people who know each other extremely well. Sitting next to each other. Sitting on each other. Embracing…and when these two bodies move and dance together – glorious! Their innate trust in each other translates into performance that is candid, beautiful and full of joy.

Photo Credit: Eddie Tran @ ET Studio

Creativity, parents and kids on stage together, never seen anything like it. Fantastic. Made me want to have kids! (Audience member)

Sandi Woo (Choreographer)
Felicity Bott (Mentor)
Anna MacDonald (Project Coordinator)
Renata Murdoch (Production Coordinator)
Chris Hill (Set Design and Construction)
Paul Bell – Feral Films (Film Maker)
Andrew Chambers (Technical Manager)

CAST – Live Performance:
Ruby and Rebecca Lorraine
Majela and Kathryn Thornburn
Ziggy and Justine de Bruyn
Eddie and Robert Mailer
Sienna and Nicole Gallus
Noah and Katja Nedoluha
Tully MacDonald and Ben Collins
Asha and Adam Vincent
Lucas and Elizabeth Vickery
Sarah and Oscar Morris
Callum Leach and Tracey Deegan

CAST – Film segments:
Dione, Clint, Gem and Sonny Westwood
Monique and Lyn Huskens and Elise, Gabriella and Olivia Arriagada-Huyskens
Felicity Bott, Paul and Woolf Wakelam
Paul, Meredith, Molly and Alby Bell
Kevin and Jo Bell
Franque Batty and Alice Best
Melissa Arnott, Shala-Tia Arnott, Wayne Barker, Nidala Barker, Cassie-Rain Arnott Barker ,
Jihan, Sam and Ben Harraway
Gillian Kennedy, Wade and Bertie Freeman
Julie Morgan, Shane, Roklan, Aklie, Griffin and Buster Braddock

Some of the video sequences used in the show will be made available for viewing below.    Film credit – Paul Bell @ Feral Films

Here is the 11 minute HIGHLIGHTS CLIP:

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