Creative Producer

Sandi refers to the job of Creative Producer as those projects where she works with the community or an organisation within a community to – conceive , plan, deliver and deliver artistic outcomes for all involved. The role involves overseeing the holistic project management of all elements including funds, contracts, schedules, partnerships and participants. Sandi draws on over 25 years of experience in a variety of contexts and scenarios across the national performing arts industry.

At the heart of Sandi’s work is the reward of bringing the ideas and artistry of artists and communities into reality – especially when the reality is built through an embedded and authentic collaborative process.

Sandi credits the majority of her learning and development in this space to her time in Broome. While in Broome she successfully delivered two community engagement projects:

ABC's Ben Collins with YTMD participants Photo: Katie Cesaro

ABC’s Ben Collins with YTMD participants
Photo: Katie Cesaro

1. YouTube Me Dance (2010 and 2011)

2. Gallery Moves

You can read more information about these projects by clicking on the individual drop down menus under this title.

Arts Management

From time to time, Sandi also provides a variety of local and non-local organisations with Arts and Project Management support. While this might not be completely in the ‘creative producer’ domain with regard to conceiving a project, it can be skilled management and strategic advice. This management and advice is strongly anchored from the artist-led perspective.

Examples of this work include:

  • Producer for Phluxus2 Dance Collective
  • Producer for Annette Carmichael Projects
  • Producer for 2018 Australian Dance Awards
  • Company Manager for Marrugeku
  • Broome Playwriting Initiative for Playwriting Australia (2011)
  • Production Management for Theatre Kimberley Inc for Act, Belong Commit Worn Art (2009 and 2010)


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