Past Projects

The following page provides links to past projects and other work that Sandi has been involved in:


Producer of 21st Australian Dance Awards

A gala evening of performances and award presentations at the Brisbane Powerhouse in September 2018, this national event was hosted by Ausdance National.

2017 HIGHLIGHTS: articles, videos, documentation

Most key achievements and project updates have been recorded on the home page of this website, however there are a couple of things I’d like to add here for record to document and gather together a few things that I am particular proud of from my work over 2017.

1. Ausdance Queensland’s COMMUNITY BOUNCE 2017 Dance Workshop Tour (Producer)

Coordinating the Ausdance Queensland’s 2017 regional program provided many rewarding outcomes but a key one is the following video produced with the students from Abergowrie College. The project, supported by the Regional Arts Fund,  provided an opportunity for the wonderful Travers Ross (Dance Artist) and Natasha Mulhall (Video Artist) to work with students over a week. It was an inspiring and creative time that resulted in a video, titled 2 Curly, 2 Straight

An INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO was also filmed as part of the project, which means anyone can learn the moves developed for the video!

2. QPAC and the Royal Ballet’s Community Dance project, We All Dance (Teaching Artist)


Micah Projects performers with dancers from The Royal Ballet

Working with a group of participants from Micah Projects over ten weeks, this project was by far one of the most challenging and wonderful experiences of the year. What a group of resilient, courageous and cheeky humans. My oh my did we laugh!

3. Annette Carmichael (Denmark, WA) – The Beauty Index 2017 (Producer)


The Beauty Index (Photo: Nic Duncan)

As a Producer it was a pleasure to supported this community dance project and to be able to witness the unfolding beauty (punn intended) of a group of 17 Men from the Great Southern region doing something outside of their comfort zone and succeeding beyond their own expectations.


What an honour to be asked to be Mentor on an Annette Carmichael project. Annette is an experienced Community Dance Director and Creative Producer who undertook an ambitious Future Landings 2015 community project in Denmark,WA. It involved a cast of 65 people and included dance, writing, music and projection. It was EPIC!

You can view some beautiful images taken by Krystal Guille by clicking on this link.

What a magical landscape. What an immensely creative and generous community. What an experience.

Thanks Annette and AusdanceWA for inviting me back to experience the great joy and rewarding experience that is a Future Landings project. A fabulous community development model with far-reaching and deep-rooted outcomes.


JB at WADASandi Woo was the proud (and surprised) recipient of a 2013 WA Dance Award in the category of ‘Outstanding Achievement in Regional and/or Community Dance’ for the youth engagement project – YouTube Me Dance.

Sandi was unable to accept the attend the awards ceremony and Jason Bird (lead artist) attended representing the project. Jason was a large part of the project’s success and development over two years and it was fitting that Jason accept and talk about the achievements of the project. Thanks Jason. Thanks AusdanceWA.

Most of all – thanks to everyone who took part in, organised, taught, drove, cooked and supported YTMD. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ and there’s no ‘I’ in ‘YTMD’!


Sandi travelled to Perth for two days to facilitate a meeting for AusdanceWA. The meeting involved bringing together 8 regional WA dance artists to participate in a think-tank for a new professional development initiative to be rolled out over 2014. For a day and a half a vigourous, inspiring and exciting discussion was had about how a group of regional artists might come together in a purpose built virtual space to (amongst other things) share, provoke, create, respond and exchange.

During this time together we invited Jo Politt to come and give the group an introduction into the response process that has driven many of her recent projects. Collaborations over distance. Response from afar. It was intense, amazing and like what I imaging a mind-blowing speed date experience might feel like.

January 2014

Virtual Dust Test Phase 1.0 has kicked off! Regional artists are meeting virtually via the online stratosphere, every week at the same time. We will do this for the next few months. Sometimes we dance – sometimes we write. It’s exciting and we are all HOOKED.

What have we started here? (insert joyful smile and rubbing of hands)

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