Immersed in eMErgence

In 2017, a collective of like-minded artists and I received a residency at MetroArts called, eMErgence.

Click to the MetroArts website and you can read what we wrote about eMErgence before we even began the studio sessions. (It’s so interesting to read these after the journey and to see if the questions still remain relevant)

I’ve never been involved in a studio-based research residency that has spanned over this many months. Actually I haven’t been involved in anything quite like this before. Full stop. End of sentence.

This is a first for me. Exploratory in structure and in essence. Non-hierarchical. Collective discoveries. Constant discoveries. Self discoveries! And well, without sounding too surprised, what we wrote about eMErgence last year is still completely and utterly valid. In fact, I think we have far surpassed even our own expectations and the residency is far from being over. Quite possibly, the best is yet to come!

We arrive, we attune and through movement we gaze inward and outward of ourselves and of each other. Even though we pass through, something always lingers.

So why is it that when people ask me about eMErgence I struggle with a short and succinct answer? It’s because I’m struggling to find a way to describe the multi-dimensionality of the process we are in. It’s other-worldly. It taps into our human energies and it connects us in ways that are life altering, that linger with us long beyond a given moment of magic comes…and goes.

eMErgence is a system and method for creative self-discovery. 

So the research must continue … and it will. Soon we will invite others into the studio to experience with us – to share our learnings, expand our understandings and to grow the the experience with more minds, more bodies and more shared experiences. Connectivity is the key.

Much gratitude to my fellow studio companions, Denise Comba and Meredith Elton. We have journeyed far together, our questions have lead to more questions and there is a sense that we have many more moments of moving yet to come.

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