Hey there 2017…

Last year was really focused on making new connections, saying ‘yes’ to anything that popped up and spending time getting amongst as many things as possible. And I’m happy to say that there have been many wonderful opportunities that have emerged from that time last year spent in active observation.

The Beauty Index: Men

Annette Carmichael in Denmark (WA – not Europe!) continues to work tirelessly in the lead up to her 2017 project and I am so thrilled to continue working with her as her Producer.IMG_0127

There is nothing like the gift of sitting within a project that has such strong roots in the community and this one is woven deep. The connections and conversations are so authentic, the interest and energy palpable, and that in itself is infectious in the best of ways. Look out for more on this project as it unfolds!

No Difference

Supported by The Arts Centre Gold Coast, No Difference is a disability-inclusive community dance project lead by Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia), Gavin Webber (The Farm) and Marisa Burgess (Gold Coast artist and ex-Moulin Rouge). In February 2017, we came together for a week-long creative development period to play with ideas and concepts and to deepen our understanding of each other as individuals and as a collective group. At the heart of this project is acceptance and respect – to ourselves – and of each other.


Kayah and Travers (Photo: Sam James)

There were many highlights to this week, but getting to work alongside some amazing individuals and talented artists never really feels like ‘work’. To find out more about some of the team – click on their names here: Lauren WatsonKayah GuentherTom HoganSam JamesPhilip Channells and Gavin Webber .


Now that the MetroArts 2017 program is LIVE (woohoo!) we can begin to start sending some good vibes out in the development of this ‘baby’.

Pref #1 (original to come) Credit: Jonathan Sinatra

Photo: Jonathan Sinatra

eMErgence is a series of movement based workshops aimed to develop a deeper understanding of how improvisations can provide a structure for reflections on our daily life. 

….and together with a group of diverse artists we will embark on some practice-led research over the second part of 2017. You, yes you(!), will have opportunities to come and experience these workshops with us – so stay tuned for more information.

It’s going to be a special one….




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