THE QUEST (current project)

THE QUEST – joy is in all of us

THE QUEST is an improvised movement installation that reveals the power of being together and immersing yourself in the adventure.

An eclectic group of people from diverse backgrounds share their personal journeys of resilience, hope and joy through movement and dance.

THE QUEST is a courageous celebration of what makes us unique, what happens when you lose yourself in the dance and the enduring power of finding yourself in the flock.

This is a gathering of community. Be prepared to be part of the quest – you and the performers together. Joy and movement is in us all, sometimes you just need friends to find it.

VENUE: Vacant Assembly – Montague Road, West End


Thursday 13 May @ 6.30pm 

Friday 14 May @ 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Saturday 15 May @ 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Sunday 16 May @ 6pm (private – family only)


Full prices $25 + bf

Concession $15 + bf


Performers and collaborators: Sara Lane, Remilia Martin, Jessie Morwood, Paul Morwood, Robert Hodson, Sheryl Munson, Miramar Tokatli, Lauren Watson

Lead Artist/Creative Producer: Sandi Woo

Dance/Movement: Anja Ali-Haapala, Tim Brown, Nerida Matthaei, Yenenesh Nigusse 

Videographer/Live Musician: Tnee Dyer (Raw Mint Studio)

Visual Design: Sue Loveday

Interactive Design: Inkahoots – Jason Grant, Jordan McGuire, Mat Johnson, Ben Mangan

DURATION: 30 minutes



THE QUEST acknowledges financial support from the Australia Council for the Arts and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

THE QUEST would not be possible without the support of Australasian Dance Collective, Access Arts, Micah Projects, Australian Event Productions, Katie McGuire, Vacant Assembly, Keith Clark, Freddy Komp, Nasim Khosravi, Teegan Kranenburg and Team Mailer-Woo.

Poster Design: Lauren Watson (Hard Knox Creative) with Inkahoots

Photo credit: Fen Lan Photography

Costumes: Belinda Fleming, Sue Loveday and Jessie Morwood


We take your covid safety seriously and have considered the appropriate audience size with this in mind. As this performance begins with an installation style opening section, we recommend that you bring a face mask with you to wear prior to taking your seats. 

All proceeds from ticket sales go towards the performers.