Open Practice

OPEN PRACTICE: A space for new ideas.

OPEN PRACTICE is convened by Emma Wilson, Denise Comba and Sandi Woo.

OPEN PRACTICE is an open space for practitioners to facilitate and research movement practices drawn from their current interests and explorations. This is a laboratory environment where we get to try out, or try on, new ideas and ways of thinking about dance.

OPEN PRACTICE welcomes anyone who is interested in investigating and reflecting on the possibilities of bodies moving (or not) in the studio space together.

We encourage everybody to come along as a way to explore and exchange together in a supportive and nourishing environment. If you are interested in facilitating a session please get in touch.

WHEN: Wednesdays @ 10 – 12noon

WHERE: Backbone HQ, East Brisbane Bowls Club, 38 Lytton Road

Want to find out more? Look for OPEN PRACTICE on Facebook. This is the place we record what unfolds during the sessions as a way of recording the journey we trace over time. Together in the studio, exploring the infinite possibilities. Finding ‘reasons to move’.


…A space for being in the practice of practicing…