What’s up, Doc?

It’s been a great few months! I’m very happy to report that it’s been a pretty action packed few months with a wonderful mix of doing and dancing.

I’ve been busy working with Annette Carmichael (Denmark, WA) as her Producer on her next community dance project. We’ve been busy raising the resources (read: writing multiple grant applications) and planning the initial stages of The Beauty Index.

The Beauty Index, will be a collaboration with men from the Great Southern region to develop a site-specific dance performance that will investigate the experience of beauty within a world dominated by unpredictable violence and acts of terrorism.

The performance will investigate a series of questions: How does the creative power of humanity respond to terrorism? How do these world events affect regional Western Australia? What is the role of beauty and the arts in the face of random acts of terrorism?

(except from Annette’s project synopsis)

I’ve also ‘lurched’ into a tutoring position at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for the Bachelor of Creative Industries faculty. It’s for a first year foundation unit (read: compulsory unit) called ‘Making Connections’. The unit looks at creative enterprise and ideation theory and then asks students to apply that knowledge to develop a group project concept and pitch. Lend Lease has partnered with QUT for this uniimg_8953t and are inviting proposals from students  to be included in their plans for the Brisbane Showgrounds King Street redevelopment precinct.

A handful of students will be chosen to pitch directly to Lend Lease with a chance to secure some resources to roll out their project idea in early 2017.

What a cool first year project!!! It almost has me enrolling in the course to be part of that opportunity!

Lets just say that the re-entry into tertiary environment has been ….interesting. After all it has been some *cough* substantial period of time *cough* since I was a student myself *cough splutter cough*. Just quietly, it was long before the age of having individual laptops and tablets. I used to have to make a booking to use one of a few computers in the library.

Another highlight of the past few months is getting re-acquainted with my ‘moving self’. With an intention to keep a regular studio practice going in collaboration with a couple of artists I’ve met here in Brisbane, we have been meeting fortnightly (sometimes weekly, if I’m lucky enough) in the studio. A beautiful mix of improvising, writing, moving and reflecting. It’s been a very grounding time with some possibilities starting to emerge. It feels like a reawakening to channel the movement within and exploring the space (in)between mind and body.

Oh yeah – and look out for an artist profile that the lovely Nina Levy wrote for Dance Australia. It was part of a Careers Special she compiled for the magazine and you can read a bit more about all the juggling that happens in my neck of the woods.

You can find the Dance Australia article here.




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