Because of You…. ALL.

It has been some months since the experience of Because of You… came to a close. However plenty is still replaying over in the mind.

Because of You… the cast and crew, we accomplished someting beautiful and life changing.

It was an amazing experience that far exceeded my own expectations – and could not have been a success without the most amazingly flexible, understanding, supportive and dedicated cast (both young and old).IMG_3207

Because of You… the audience, we realised we could engage across all generations.


Then came the people who walked through the doors and experienced the giant robot and sunflowers and saw something that stirred them. Whether it was a 12 month old child wandering into the performance space to dance with us, or a Grandma, or even the 20  young daycare kids that had to kneel on their chairs to see the whole show. All remained engaged throughout. And at the end – you didn’t want to leave the space!

Because of You… the creatives, we have touched many people through the power of live performance.

IMG_3688smAnd the patient and amazing group of CREATIVES that supported my concept and helped me see it into something REAL. Thank you for asking all the right questions – and for finding the answers with me along the way. Most of all my mentor – Felicity Bott – who all along believed that it would be something beautiful and offered her knowledge and learnings so generously. And Annette Carmichael who never stopped listening and reminding me of the scale of the undertaking.

To my family – young Eddie and hubby Rob. You made your debut in contemporary dance!

Because of You…my family, I dreamt this in the first place.


Here’s what the audience said:

AMAZINGLY courageous and ambitious. Well done.

It was incredible…the humour, the tenderness, the grittier moments. Great footage. I found it to be a very emotional experience. Well done. 

The parent child playfulness – loved it. Loved the innocence.

Wow that was such a gorgeous touching performance. Really gave me goosebumps…Fantastic! The Mulberry Tree children did not move once they were so engrossed with all.

15 minutes of this for every parent each day would result in a better world.

Performance photo credits: Eddie Tran @ ET Studio

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