Hello Queensland!!

In mid-2014, my little family and I made the trek across the country from BME (Broome) to BNE (Brisbane). Yep, towing our camper trailer and camping along the way for two blissful weeks.  It was so awesome to have the opportunity to see parts of the Northern Territory and Queensland as we set course for Brisbane … on a one-way journey.

What an adventure!

Ed + camper

It’s been lovely getting to know the city and we can proudly say we now have our own little ‘patch’ of Brisbane. Sounds pretty grown up and adult right? (Please don’t let that ‘adult talk’ fool you!)

As for work, I’ve taken a slight break while I focus on settling the boys into our new life here – but I’m heading tho Denmark (WA in the next couple of months to work with the amazing Annette Carmichael on her new project – The Creation of Now. Uber exciting.

I’ve also met some great artists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and look forward to making and developing some more connections in the not too distant future. There’s so much going on here!

Please contact me if you would like to connect, have a cuppa or ‘chew the fat’…


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