2016 is well underway….

What a year this has been already! I can feel a great groundswell of energy forming…there have been many wonderful and exhilarating experiences and conversations so far and I feel really positive about what lies ahead.

I’ve been Dancing, I’ve been Mothering, I’ve been Producing, I’ve been Experiencing (life), I’ve been Yoga-ing. And what a great time. Something that has resonated with me lately is the benefit of investing in yourself. I think if you invest in yourself, you become a better Human. That is, you have better relationships, you make better decisions… maybe you will also make better ‘Art’? It all starts with YOU. You have all you need but you have to find the time and space to listen to what you have from within. In the busy lives we all lead – this is not always a priority and we can be at risk of losing that connection with ourselves.

Having the past few months to consider my art making, my process and what defines my practice has been so valuable. In and amongst domesticity, I have been considering what might lie ahead. I’m percolating ideas and I’m considering options. I’ve had the time and space to throw ideas around (sometimes just in my head, sometimes with my Hubby and sometimes with others. Woohoo!) and then I have let those ideas swirl around within me. There’s been no hurry to force them to do anything more than swirl around – bumping into each other, growing and morphing as they desire. How glorious!

Not until I’m ready (or when I remember) to, do I reflect on how the ideas are getting along. However, the time is drawing closer. The time where those lovely ideas will begin to transform into lovely actions.

Time and space. Two very big, beautiful, glorious luxuries. Luxuries worth carving out for yourself, might I add.

If you have ideas of your own that you want to begin to transform into action and you would like some help to do so – here’s how you can find me:




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